Wall Street Internship Testimonials

“The AlumniAthlete Wall Street Internship Program is an incredible opportunity from which to learn and grow. I feel very lucky to have been placed into the Summer Class of 2007, and to have been educated and network through the AAN Program… I truly enjoyed my work at Merrill Lynch – and I am most appreciative to the AAN for having made the opportunity possible.”
- Bettina, George Washington University

“I think the AlumniAthlete program opened up a million doors for me. AlumniAthlete is well respected around the street, and when saying you are affiliated with it, people automatically were impressed. I think as time progresses and the program continues to grow, it will continue to have a greater impact.”
- Brina, Georgetown University

“I think that the AlumniAthlete Wall Street Internship Program is an amazing resource for student-athletes. It helped prepare me so much that I felt like I had an edge over the regular interns. The conference at B of A in the beginning of the summer was great, and it really solidified my goals for the summer. Thanks for taking me through this process; I really appreciate the time and effort you have put into this. Thanks!”
- Carly, Princeton University

“I’ve had a great experience with AlumniAthlete and certainly have been appreciative of the opportunity for a fantastic internship. The preparation and the orientation program were both incredibly helpful in gaining insight as to what we could expect from the investment banks.”
- Christopher, The Ohio State University

“I think this is a great program. I felt incredibly prepared to start my summer internship, and I feel like the skills I was taught through AlumniAthlete were dead on.”
- Ellen, MIT

“It’s been awesome overall. Jesse and Ron are there to help throughout the process, from placing you on a desk where you have the best chance to succeed to helping you through the offer process. Having a network of individuals that you share a common bond with makes contacting people at other desks or firms very easy. This is really important when deciding where to begin your career.”
- Eric, Pomona College

“I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunity I got through AlumniAthlete. I don’t think I would have gotten hired by a bank without the program. I’ve been fortunate enough to have this experience where I’ve learned, literally, a ton. Ron and Jesse are great about providing good information about the industry and advice on how to navigate one’s first experience in banking. I enjoyed being in Chicago, because it is a familiar city and close to home.”
- Katherine, Amherst

“I think the program is amazing. (Obviously as I asked if I could come back again – thank you so much for that!)”
- Kimberly, Smith College

“I just wanted to say thank you again for the opportunity presented through the Alumni Network and Internship in NYC two years ago. I am the first child in my family to go to college and both my parents never completed high school. The opportunity to be exposed to examples of great success and the world of Wall Street has polished me for my career in Commercial real estate where I just became the highest producing rookie broker in the state this past year.”
- Jerry, Oregon State

“No matter where you are placed in the program you will have an excellent opportunity to learn about how firms on Wall Street make money.”
-Alexander, University of Evansville

“Overall the program was GREAT, and I can’t thank you guys enough for getting me to where I was this summer… I also thought the one-day training thing was really helpful, I really like you guys’ attitude about telling it like it is – I think we all need a little reality check sometimes!... Overall, AlumniAthlete was a great program and I will refer as many
candidates to it as possible!”
- Lindsay, Pomona College

“The AlumniAthlete program is a perfect 10. They go above and beyond their call of duty in order to offer support to the program participants. In particular, they give their athletes the materials necessary to be properly prepared for the interview process, internship on Wall Street, and even the job offer process at the end of the summer. Additionally, the program gives participants the wonderful opportunity to learn more
about the different firms on the street.”
- Stephanie, Northwestern University

“The AlumniAthlete Network offers a wealth of knowledge and a great support system throughout your summer. Aside from just picking their brains, they walk you through the offer process, which is extremely stressful and confusing, and really make the whole internship more comfortable in general.”
- Troy, Emory University

“Alumni Athlete was definitely what got my foot in the door on Wall Street. Overall, I think it was a great network.”
- Valerie, Vanderbilt University

“The AlumniAthlete Network provides an excellent support network. It’s nice to be able to discuss problems/strategies with someone who has experience in the business, but is not directly involved in your firm, and has the same end goal as you, i.e. getting an offer.”
- Vidushi, MIT

“I really appreciate the advice and help you have offered me this summer--there is no question the AlumniAthlete preparation and experience has been a huge part of this summer's success on Wall Street. I definitely look forward to coming back to future AlumniAthlete events and sharing any experiences or advice that I can come up with, as well as meeting more people from the network.”
-Todd, North Carolina State University

“First, without AlumniAthlete, I never would even had a chance to work at JPMorgan (believe me, I applied directly to them!) and I just want to say thank you again. The program and the events were awesome, and it was gratifying to hear at the final meeting that my efforts to represent your program and N.C. State were recognized by HR and the head of the equity derivatives program, who both said that I was one of the top interns across the bank and set the bar this year and that I maximized all ofthe opportunities at the firm.”
-Todd, North Carolina State University

“It was the best experience of my life. You guys changed my life and there is not enough I can do to be grateful for this opportunity."
- Victor, University of Wisconsin

” I wanted to thank both you and Ron for helping me through the process, because your advice was invaluable and gave me an edge in earning an offer.”
- Mindy, Duke University

“I just wanted to thank you and all of the Alumni Athlete group for making this possible. I am very appreciative.”
-Brian, University of Delaware.

“Overall the program was GREAT, and I can’t thank you guys enough for getting me to where I was this summer…I really like your attitude about telling it like it is – I think we all need a little reality check sometimes!... Overall, AlumniAthlete was a great program and I will refer as many candidates to it as possible!”
-Andrew, Indiana University